#2 It is easier to be disciplined than it is to be lazy.

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1. It is easier to move towards something than to run away from something.

But Firstly, The Problem with Goals

Understand these 4 mental models to avoid bad decision-making and live a better life

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Freeing yourself from desires will give you freedom and happiness.

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Specifically, I wanted the freedom to do things.

Dramatically reduce your feelings of anxiety and sense of imposter syndrome

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Learn to cultivate the only superpower humans have

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It’s the difference between starting a life in your 30s or having a life in your 30s

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Life is a series of games. Some are short. Some are long. Some you should aim to win, some you should aim to not play at all.

  1. Knowing which games you’re playing.
  2. Knowing which games you’ve won.
  3. Knowing which games you need to quit.

You Start Life By Playing These Games:

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Most of the jobs in the future will be created to entertain or teach our fellow human beings.

Think about your future children

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There’s no getting around the fact that discipline equals freedom.

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