Do these 4 things to make this year the best ever

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You’ve clicked on this article because you want to be successful.

I get it.

You are staring at that mountain thinking: how the hell I am going to climb this? That mountain can be a creative pursuit, side-hustle, or maybe a new career. I don’t know you or what your definition of success is but I can tell you the obvious:

You can be successful at it. Like enormously successful, even if you think you are a failure up until this point.

Does where you start from matter? Of course. But only to an extent.

If you’re reading this on a smartphone in a safe home, I can assume you have the basics needed for success. …

A Short Guide To Reading More Books in 2021

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See if this sounds familiar: ‘I want to read more books but I can’t because of x,y or z reason’.

Whether you are thinking of reading more books or not, this line of reasoning can be used to describe any habit such as eating healthy, exercising or saving money.

I’ve been in that situation and have even said that same sentence to myself and others. But the truth is, it is an excuse.

Everybody has the ability to read more books. It is fine if you don’t want to read more, just don’t make excuses for it. Be real. …

Reading is the cheapest, most effective and accessible self-improvement hack available

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What if I told you that you could change your life by investing only 30 minutes of your time per day? Would it be even better if I was not trying to sell you an online course or buy a seat at one of my seminars (not that I have one…yet)?

This product I am offering requires skills that are widely accessible to the general public and in this day and age, mostly free.

Let me introduce you to this crazy idea of reading.

Okay, sorry for the crappy sales pitch.

But I find it bizarre that we are living in an age where people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on coaching and seminars that are designed by people who are just good at sales and marketing. …

Summarised in 3–4 sentences

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1. The Richest Man in Babylon — George S.Clason

A foundational text for anyone wanting to build long-term wealth. Much of today’s wisdom on personal finances is a derivative of the lessons in this book. Rules such as paying yourself first by saving 10% of your income and investing your money to work for you through compound interest all have their origin from this book.

Through a series of easy to digest and short parables, the author takes the reader through core lessons and laws of building wealth. This book was written in the 1920s and it is pretty amazing how the laws still hold strong today. …

Read more books, quit most of them and read the great ones twice.

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Reading is the cheat code to life and books contain those cheat codes. It really is that simple. Anything you want to learn, experience or understand someone else has taken the time to research and put it into a book.

It is puzzling to think that most of the world is dead. In fact, historian Niall Ferguson famously said that the dead outnumber the living 15-to-1. This means there is no subject in the world, experience or ideas that have not already been written about in some way or another.

That feeling of imposter syndrome you feel? Read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius or Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. …

Let go or be dragged.

Our history is the most important part of who we are.

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As humans, we are nothing but just a biological collection of our experiences, memories and associated emotions.

Whether we choose to interpret what happens to us as either positive or negative is really up to us. Unlike many other animals, we are blessed (or cursed) with the cognitive power to reimagine and decide our relationship with the past.

Now, I am not trying to minimize the impact of traumatic experiences but for 90% of the things that happen to us, we have an active decision on how we let the past impact us. …

And Building Leverage Has Never Been Easier Than Before

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world“— Archimedes

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Leverage is the most important factor in achieving success.

You can see it everywhere.

Those who are the most successful often have the most leverage. However, this can almost sound like a chicken and egg scenario.

Which one came first you might ask?

Well, it is both.

Leverage can create success but success can also give you leverage.

Firstly, there are 3 types of leverage:


The oldest and most common form of leverage is labour. Labour as a form of leverage is pretty straight forward. People are working for you and you capture the value created. This is how most modern organizations are based on. …

Summarised in 3–4 sentences or less

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1. Life 3.0 — Max Tegmark

For me, the role and possibility of artificial intelligence is a topic that gets brought up during dinners or the occasional catch-up with friends. Most of the scenarios envisioned are often too grandiose or don’t obey the immutable laws of physics, but it is still fun imagining a world with radically enhanced artificial capabilities.

This book provides an accessible exploration into artificial intelligence and reads as a summary of all the existing research and debates that exist within prominent thought leaders. It neatly aggregates all arguments into a coherent framework, providing a topology for a possible way forward. …

And What It Can Teach You About Success In The 21st Century

I’ll be the first to admit that I love Joe Rogan’s podcast.

And no, I am not some elk-hunting, pot-smoking, DMT advocate either.

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The advent of Joe Rogan is the modern example of a truly leveraged person operating at scale. I would say he is fast becoming a household brand and leverages it through podcast media, television hosting, stand-up, and UFC commentating.

People buy into the eponymous brand that is Joe Rogan.

You could copy his podcast in terms of equipment, guests and set-up but it won’t help.

People have tried (me included).

But you can never really copy a leveraged person where the product they are selling is themselves. Where the brand is them. They have created a natural monopoly and operate with almost zero competition. …

Naval Ravikant has changed the way I think.

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Ever since I listened to him on Joe Rogan’s podcast in July 2019, I’ve been hooked on his content ever since.

For those who don’t know, Naval Ravikant is the co-founder, CEO and Chair of AngelList and also a prolific angel investor. He was an early-stage investor in companies such as Twitter, Uber and Postmates.

But he is so much more than just a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur and investor. He is a voracious reader, philosopher and rational optimist. …


Michael Lim

Social Policy Consultant | Avid Reader | Aspiring Writer

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