#2 It is easier to be disciplined than it is to be lazy.

1. It is easier to move towards something than to run away from something.

Act based on love, not fear.

Too often you make decisions because you are scared of an outcome. This is normal, you have evolved to avoid pain. You would rather avoid losing $100 than making $100.

You leave a job because you hate it. You move to another place because…

Small investments to give you big gains in your sleep

If I could offer you a free drug that dramatically improved your concentration, cognitive performance and happiness without any adverse side effects would you take it?

Well, I’ve got just the drug for you: sleep.

Sleep is the productivity wonder drug. Widely available. Free. No Side-effects. Evolutionarily designed for humans.

Managing expenses is important but quickly reaches a point of diminishing returns.

Despite popular advice, you won’t become wealthy by penny-pinching.

Wealth is not created by giving up your $4 lattes and smashed avocado. You can have those things and still create wealth as a millennial.

As I started my financial independence journey, the most common advice I got was to drastically…

Michael Lim

I write about personal development, finance and productivity

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