#2 It is easier to be disciplined than it is to be lazy.

1. It is easier to move towards something than to run away from something.

Act based on love, not fear.

Too often you make decisions because you are scared of an outcome. This is normal, you have evolved to avoid pain. You would rather avoid losing $100 than making $100.

You leave a job because you hate it. You move to another place because…

Every choice in life has a cost. Do you know how much you’re paying?

As a society, we celebrate ambition without really questioning its costs.

As L.M. Montgomery said,

“We pay a price for everything we get or take in this world; and although ambitions are well worth having, they are not to be cheaply won.”

Every choice in life has a price. You…

Creating wealth is a process, not an event.

“Lotteries are a tax on stupid people who can’t do maths“

— Naval Ravikant

If your financial plan relies on hope, you’ve got a lottery ticket, not a financial strategy.

Relying on hope takes many forms:

“I hope this crypto or that NFT takes off”

“I hope my lottery numbers…

Bitcoin represents a technological solution to the Fiat money problem

Technology has defined our monetary system since the beginning of time.

The invention of boats and sailing allowed the import of foreign rocks to invalidate primitive economies based on the exchange of rare stones and beads.

Mining allowed rare commodities and such as copper, silver and eventually gold to be…

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